Gun Nuts on the Strip in Vegas: Outlaw Cars, Shall We?


This is straight Hollywood. Re-cap of the Smallz - Tupac beef.
It's time for another round of EVERYONE'S favorite game show

Today's winning picks are:

Gun nuts!
Well regulated!
Assault weapons!
Apples and oranges!
Anyone mistaking "assault weapon" for "fully automatic"!
Anyone suggesting only muskets be allowed!
Anyone presenting a tautology!
Anyone cherry picking different nations to compare!
The NRA!

Beat a straw man for big bonus points!
@2: Can we make it a drinking game? These bitching sessions would be a lot more fun drunk.
@2: You forgot: Hypocrytically originalist, cherry-picked and long-outdated redefinitions of words in the bill of rights!
@3 At this stage, the result would be lethal alcohol poisoning.
Yes, my target shooting habit is completely responsible for drug gang violence. I admit it!
I would say this is getting old, but even saying "this is getting old" is getting old.
I actually don't object to taking a shot at a Range Rover or a Maserati. Although I don't get why anybody riding in one would think people riding in the other were guilty of worse taste.
"You forgot: Hypocrytically originalist, ..."

That's covered under "well regulated".
the point is: 3 more dead from guns. throw those fresh corpses on the woodpile of freedom, they need to dry before they'll burn.

and don't worry, they'll be more carnage tomorrow.
#2 For The Win!

This shit got old around last December, but I suppose I can't bitch too much since 90% of my comments on the SLOG are on crazy gun-control threads. I feel somewhat personally responsible for feeding the anti-gun trolls.

Holy hell, I want some summer and sunshine and the bliss of having better shit to do than read the SLOG...
Any post that starts with gun, gun-nut, etc, just paste the text from #2. It is the final boss.

The poor taxi rider (and driver), without his own vehicle and essentially using Vegas predominant form of "public transit" seems like the biggest loser. No escape Maserati or big limo to protect her. No gangsta loot. Just a plastic bucket full of coins for the slots and what does she get. Dead. Just dead.
@8: All the gun control debates have driven you mad, sir. There are absolutely gorgeous Maseratis in this world, and even the grumpiest experts agree that they are amazing.

Pretty cars are pretty. But they're all driven by hairy 62 year olds with popped collars and gold chains trying to pick up 17 year old girls. Or hairy Russian gangsters with popped collars and gold chains trying to pick up 17 year old girls.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a metal box you leave in a shitty parking lot is just gross.
@14, the older ones are far prettier. I think the Maserati Mexico may be the prettiest.…

And I've never seen one driven by someone over 50 or even slightly Russian.
@15: Ah. Now I follow you.

@16: That one's not bad. The front end reminds me think of an old Jaguar(?) that someone pointed out to me once, explaining that the car was ridiculously rare and valuable, and had no business being in the Queen Anne parking garage where we encountered it.
Its not the guns or the magazines people, its the crazy criminal people, people...

Ban criminals! (oh wait, we already did)