In South Africa, "a woman is safe in neither a shack nor a mansion."


"... South American model Reeva Steenkamps"

I think you mean South African
Also, Steenkamp, not Steenkamps.
You certainly hope so? That's an absolutely vile thing to say.

I would certainly hope that rich women are raped and murdered as much as any woman!
The statistics in the SA article are shocking. They appear to have serial rapists running around free to hurt people. Where is the police?
@5 The police are part of the problem down there.
Among the black population it is widely believed having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS.…

That's rape culture.
@4, "I certainly hope so" means he hopes these cases "are finally pricking public consciousness about the country's problems with misogyny and violence against women." Coulda placed that a little more carefully in the post, though, I agree...confused me for a second too.
Thanks for reminding everyone that Africans are filthy barbarous savages with no moral compass.
@4 - Your myopic view of Cienna's writing, and inflexibility to reconsider your views on what are traditionally known as "women's issues", make it difficult to appreciate you as a whole.

@ 7 - Too transparent in your desire to designate what constitutes "real" rape culture.

@9 - This is about cultures than normalize violence against women. South Africa is not the first, nor last culture to become the focus of this normalization. Thanks for completely missing the point though, you're a good reminder that Slog denizens are very consistent in their ways.
@10 Yeah, I think you are really trying too hard to stir up some shit when there really is no shit to stir. But whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

Cienna, what's with your infatuation with every rape story, anyway?
Because not talking about it doesn't make it go away. Sorry.
#13, weren't you promoting the Westlake Center meth twitch against rape last week? How'd that work out?
@12 - Does your use of "infatuation" reflect a poor command of language or are you a creep trying to imply that concerns about violence against women are not warranted?

a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration.
#15, I think Ciena is infatuated with every rape story on the planet.
@16: Again, not talking about it does not make it go away. I'm sorry rape makes you so uncomfortable. DJ Booberry rocks, thanks for asking, although other than serving as a reinforcement of group cohesion I'm not sure it did a whole lot of good.
No I take that back. It irritated people who would rather not think about the problem, so that's one for the win column right there.
@16: Yeah, damn those "progressives," right Mister G?
@18: I don't think he's Mr. G. I think it's that Gene guy. He showed up the day Mr. G got banned. Although, to be fair neither of them exhibit the addiction to quotation marks to which Mr G was such a martyr.
#17, rape doesn't make me uncomfortable in the slightest.
@20: And I'm sure we're none of us a bit surprised.
So Lissa's upset if you're "so uncomfortable" with rape (#17), and Lissa's upset if rape doesn't make you uncomfortable (#21). Sounds like Lissa's got herself a big problem.
You are correct! I should have been more specific. The discussion of rape appears to make you uncomfortable, which is not surprising, since as you say, rape itself does not make you uncomfortable.
Also not surprising.

But well parsed grasshopper, well parsed! Have yourself a nice gloat over your cleverness. Good job!
@unbrainwashed:all said like an ignorant fool who never has to ever think about or fear being raped. Maybe we should stop talking about the rape of little boys by the Catholic churches too. Fuck you for thinking this shouldn't be talked about and all your bullshit comments are exactly the problem. Fuck you
Gee #24, so now I should be raped. You definitely seem comfortable with rape, then.