Morning News: Freeways, Fish, and Freedom of Speech


Geez, sometimes if you want to talk about a homophobic family-values hypocrite, you gotta do it yourself.

Like when that married 50ish Senator who was already father to no less than 8 children banged the 24-year-old daughter of a fellow Senator 30 years ago, or about 15 years before he voted to remove Bill Clinton from office, and got her pregnant with a child who would grow up to be a homophobic lawyer who opposed lifting DADT.
Though to be fair, all the horrible stuff, including the dog killing by Officers Michael Graddon, Dominic Arico, and Steve Wieland of the Des Moines police, trumps Domenici's adultery, Paul Laxalt daughter's flooziness, and the way she calls it all a mistake rather than a blessing in disguise that brought her a precious child to raise as a single mother.
It's disgusting but in many parts of India and Nepal women are not valued as human beings.

I have a photographer friend who is working on a project detailing how women are treated. Here are a few stories she has worked on recently:……
@3: yes, you're absolutely right. And your observation becomes all the more stark juxtaposed against the fright show that is the "leftover women of China" story.
Fortunately, in America, we honor and value our women as equal human beings.
I know it's very difficult to understand, but sometimes you have to allow the nazis to march in Skokie, or unwanted phone books to accumulate, in order to guarantee that The Stranger have its vital free-speech rights preserved to have its fine newspaper strewn about coffee shops (which also consist of Ads and information that not everyone finds welcome or useful)
The idea of "leftover" women is an old one, which European/American culture has barely (maybe) grown out of. Single, older european women were called "odd gloves," as a glove without a match was useless. Pre-Michael Jackson anyway.

The dog story gets worse when you click through the story and see that they were called because the dog was loose. It was not "guarding" a house they needed entry into or protecting a suspect. The loose dog was the sole reason the cops were there, and that was essentially their response.

The issue with India is beyond gender, as none of India expects to get justice for any crime. The courts are so corrupt that it is essentially impossible for any kind of criminal or civil justice. These reports are simply the most horrid of the bunch, although I imagine being a young woman makes the situation somehow even more intractable. But do not think the system is just treating women like shit. They treat everyone (without $$$ or power) like shit.
In geek news, much to the dismay of developers of Microsoft technologies, the MSDN and TechNet classic view will full TOC nodes in an independently scrollable pane is gone forever replaced with the lightweight view.
That should be "...with full TOC nodes..." in @8.
@6 no one at all objects to the Yellow Pages folks printing whatever they so choose (in this case, phone books.). No government agency is trying to strict their ability to create the documents. What people object to is their distribution model, which involves dumping their material on my private property and expecting me to take care of it. The Stranger's distribution model isn't really comparable; any business that so chooses can tell The Stranger to remove their stand anytime they like. The law which was struck down was designed to allow the rest of us the same ability to say "unless we expressly ask for it, we don't want it".
Very important report on shale gas (i.e. with huge ramifications) is out:

Shale Gas Bubble Looms, Aided by Wall Street

The Reality is that the so-called shale revolution is nothing more than a bubble, driven by record levels of drilling, speculative lease & flip practices on the part of shale energy companies, fee-driven promotion by the same investment banks that fomented the housing bubble, and by unsustainably low natural gas prices. Geological and economic constraints – not to mention the very serious environmental and health impacts of drilling – mean that shale gas and shale oil (tight oil) are far from the solution to our energy woes.…
The first amendment is being used to protect harassment. Excellent.
@6 I hate Illinois Nazis.
@11 the first amendment is more subtle than your "unless we expressly ask for it, we don't want it"... let's say i don't want your message on my public streets. let's say i don't want your group to parade down my street. it really is a case of protecting the thin edge of the wedge. -i- don't like the way the yellow pages are distributed either; and i don't like the way The Little Nickel blows about my streets.

The important thing in these situations is not to make laws restricting the distribution of information and to be a good citizen and make sure that your The Stranger and phone book is properly recycled.
@14 - Streets are public property, but my front porch is private property (see the difference?). No one is arguing that they shouldn't be able to print whatever type of (worthless) directory they want to, it's when they cross that line from public property onto my private property that their rights affect mine.
@ 3 Infanticide and selective abortion of girls is becoming such a problem in rural China and India that young men can't find wives and resort to trafficking them from cities. It is only going to worse, since the birth rates from recent years are even more skewed.

I wonder if the lack of women will eventually make them precious commodities, or if the profusion of sexually frustrated men will just lead to more violence.
@14 - In addition to what @15 said, there are also basic restrictions on the way speech is conducted on public property: littering, noise, minimum clothing, etc

I wonder what kind of unnatural intellectual contortions are needed to reconcile letting advertisers dump their garbage on your porch in the name of free speech but someone can't pass out leaflets in a mall or similar venue.

Well, no one Asked and he Didn't Tell.

Apparently until now.

Map of property tax rates by state...if you haven't been engrossed in it already.…


Given the rates of sexual assault in states like Alaska and North Dakota, where women are scarce, I predict the latter more than the former.


The problem is that the city of Seattle singled out the yellow pages in the law, while other advertisers are free to dump their garbage on your private property all they want. If the city is serious about this law, they need to make it applicable to everyone. I'd also like to see a law making it illegal to place flyers and leaflets on private vehicles without the owner's permission.


It's also a problem in Washington State, especially if you look at the ratio of college educated single females to single males (admitting that there is a significant gay male population in Seattle).

Not that that isn't historically unusual for the Great Northwest...…

Sure. The scarcity of women is the reason why they find you repulsive.