The oldest dictator in the world is getting lonely...

But despite the God given old age, Mugabe says he is getting lonely, as all his peers and family are dying before him.

"In my small way, this is the task the Lord might have wanted me to fulfill among my people and as I carry the burden of fulfilling it, it being a divine task, I read it as a bidding of God," the State controlled newspaper, quoted the veteran leader as saying.

"A commandment that this is how you serve your nation."

As Mugabe celebrates his 89th birthday, he says he is raring to go, as he readies himself for an election that could see him being president of Zimbabwe until he is 94.

The deepest and greatest shame that Mugabe has brought on his people is the unavoidable fact that we (black Africans) would have been better off if the country was run by racist Ian Smith. You can say all you want, but talk is talk and truth is truth. Living under Smith was living with better standards. Black Zimbabweans who have a memory of Rhodesia have to live with that ugly fact every fucking day Mugabe is in power.