Seattle Districts Now Kicks Off Their Signature-Gathering Campaign


It would be nice to have council members who listen to the long underserved districts north of the Ship Canal.
I predict that the Stranger, which has become a complete tool of the downtown developers, will oppose this. It'll be fun to watch the verbal acrobatics as they do so.
Like all of you, I have so many younger, less monied, less politically connected legislative district candidates knocking on my door, I'm not sure if I can take any more.
How about we just call the at large winners co-mayors and be done with it?
I cannot wait to put my signature down.
@1 FTW
The problem I'm having with this is the way the districts are drawn is that all the districts seem to ensure single family residences are the majority of housing stock in each district.

I predict if this passes as written, we'll have more of an anti-density push than we currently have, which will drive the cost of housing to San Francisco levels.
@6 I'm not kidding.
@7: Single family housing stock makes up 70 percent of the zoned land in the city. I'm not sure how you draw the lines to get even one district like the one you want.

@1: The One-person, one-vote rule makes it impossible to disenfranchise anyone under any voting system. Even white people.
30,000 is a lot of signature. Anyone want to join the uprising?