There Is No Morality Without Religion


The Jeebus is strong in this one.
"No, no, guys, it's cool. God told me to do it."
If only he was a Catholic priest he could have that 16 yr old delivered and could expect complete protection courtesy of the home office.
Considering the average age at which girls become prostitutes is 13 in the United States, this isn't too surprising. What this guy was planning is abhorrent and hypocritical. But any guy who uses a young-looking prostitute without being absolutely sure she is over 18 is not much better. I'm as anti-theist as they come, but I've also done my fair share of volunteering with commercially sexually exploited teens. There are plenty of men willing to look the other way and buy sex from teen girls, and I doubt they're all pastors.
#4 You do see Mr Savage's point with postings like this don't you? Your comment suggests you missed it. But I respect that I might not have read you correctly.
@5 I'm a regular reader and understood Dan's point. I was shamelessly using the thread to make a vaguely related point that yes, we should point out this asshole's hypocrisy, but we should be aware of a much larger scale problem. I appreciate your charity in letting me explain. Thank you.
Damn internet. Back in the day, a pastor could just plan activities that would happen to leave the most desirable parishioner's daughter alone with him in the church after sunset, and then, well, that little seductress would make him sleep with her.

The story broke not an hour ago, but 22 hours ago on Get your attributions and facts straight, arrogant BigFoot.
Considering the charges weren't even filed until this afternoon, could not have broke the story 22 hours ago.
Also, it should be pointed out that this crime was the result of a To Catch A Predator Style police sting- there was no actual 16-year-old girl.
I'm impressed that the church has the tech savvy to erase this creep from their web page. Sure, they didn't take him out of their bulletins, but they could probably have those edited as well by tomorrow.
The scrubbed the guy from the website as soon as the arrest happened earlier this week.

One thing about Christians...they will throw you overboard in a heart beat if you're gonna cost the coffers money. SHOUT GLORY!!!
It's those Coders for Christ. They use their gift for Him.
How many of the publications that carry Danny's shit pay for his services with revenue from child prostitution ads?
I'm pretty sure that's cool with the Bible.
"I'll be right out, I have to take these clothes out of the dryer. I baked you some cookies & made sweet tea, it's there on the counter, help yourself."

These people make me want to puke! I am a gay out and proud atheist. I don't need alleged biblical morality to know that have sex with CHILDREN is a bad thing.

I am sure y'all think that your version of religion is just peachy. I think it clouds peoples' judgment. All you have to do is say you love Jeebus or Moohammed or whatever and you gain respect. From me you get suspicion.

Google "no true Scotsman" fallacy to understand what I am saying.

#10 Yes thank you for making that point clear. There was no actual child involved but there was an actual heterosexual Christianist predator involved, that being the important point. I suspect this guy was a known quantity and the police were waiting for the right time to set a trap. He was not just some guy they targeted.
Good thing he had condoms: if he had gotten her pregnant and she didn't want to marry him, he would have had to stone her to death.

btw - the trolls on this one are fucking hilarious. If you keep attacking the clergy like this Dan, you might have to read even more of those terrifyingly pathetic attempts to give you the sads. Watch out.
Praise Jeebus!
Jeebus luvs me
this I no
cuz his preechers
fuck me so
hard and they won't
let me go.

yes Jeebus luvs me.
yes Jeebus luvs me.
yes Jeebus luvs me
cuz the bible
tellz me so.