If We Allow Republicans to Marry, Then My God What's Next? Are We Going to Let Greens Marry?


As long as we don't have to watch them kiss or anything. That's just gross.
A day doesn't go by without me trying *not* to imagine Newt and Calista Gingrich having sex. Yuck.
"Newt Gingrich’s belief that marriage should only between a man and a woman who doesn’t have cancer"
Now that made me laugh!
Won't somebody, please, think of the children? What consenting adults do in the privacy of the voting booth is their business, but to selfishly impose the Republican lifestyle on innocent children is beyond the pale.
Also, "Image by Anne Savage".
The overlaid quote on the accompanying picture made me laugh out loud, and now I want a tee shirt. "If you think being gay is a choice, you're considering it."

What happened to that "Everything but Marriage" law I voted for a couple of years ago?

We let the camel's nose under the tent out of kindness, and look what they did to the religious people...
Shameful betrayal.
@4 - exactly what I was thinking. I don't what they do amongst themselves but don't subject the rest of us to it!
@9 I feel the same way about Liberals; Leave me and my shit alone. Quit subjecting me to your inane little laws and regulations.
@7 I'd buy three.
Dood! It's not about the marriage thing, it's about the spawning thing!

We can't allow neocons to spawn. . . . never, dood!
Being Republican is a choice.
I've been away for a while. Did I really hear that the Boy Scouts are considering allowing Republicans to be leaders? What about those innocent boys who would be in danger of being exposed to the teachings of Rush Limbaugh? Worse yet the danger of kids being around teabaggers. I am sick of these freaks trying to shove their agenda up my vagina.
13...Exactly! You are not born a Republican, you choose that perversion and you can choose to stop it. Just stop it!
@10: I'll bite. Have any examples of "[our] inane little laws and regulations"?
@13, 15 - I don't know you guys, Republicans --just like Democrats-- are just born that way. Give them a break!
@10 Would those be those pesky rules about trying to guarantee folks you don't like the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"

Or perhaps those even more annoying laws that prevent you from forcing everyone else to join your religious denomination?

Or, maybe those public health-related laws intended to keep our public health expenses (and hence, taxes) down from easily preventable diseases.

Yes, we liberals are total monsters.
@17 - Derp. Fcuked that link up. Here we are!: Are Republican Brains Different?
"What happened to that "Everything but Marriage" law I voted for a couple of years ago?"

We one-upped in November, where were you?

I'm with the majority here. What republicans do behind closed doors is their business, but why do they have to flaunt their depraived lifestyle choices in front of the rest of us?
What @21 said.
What's next you ask? Man and GOLDFISH! Duh.


I thought this was a parody account. It's not, it's promoted by The Manhattan Declaration. Crazy, scary people out there. Jesus.

I tried reading this, but the various skipped words made me crazy. Can't anyone edit anymore?
@18 Brooklyn Reader

Oh, I don't know...
How about the recent tyrannical push by Libs to ban Constitutionally-protected guns?

Your assertion that anyone forces you to join a religion is totally false. And just as we have to listen to the lisping-ignorance and utopian ideals of the Left, sometime y'all will have to hear some stuff that you don't agree with (its a 1st Amendment thing).

Keep your hands off my (legal) shit and quit spending money you don't have to pay for stuff you don't need.

Was that a joke about keeping healthcare costs down BTW?
"This story [of the glory of life-giving communion] is only revealed in the glory, and beauty and mystery of the two party system."
SLOG Terms of Service:

(F) discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, age, marital status, or sexual orientation;

Ok, it doesn't say party affiliation, so you're covered.
24: Maybe you just need to your standards.
@25 - I lol'd. You must be terrified of any open flame, considering how your entire worldview is completely made of straw.
I have no problem with Republicans getting married. However as a safe guard we should require that if the wife gets pregnant the husband must under go 3 anal probings.
@ 25 - I'm from Oklahoma. Here, anyone who doesn't know how to shoot a rifle by the time they are eight is in a very small minority. My dad started taking me to the shooting range when I was six. Hunting is sacrament.

I support a ban on assault rifles and stupid clip sizes. If you need that many damned bullets you are a disgrace to the second amendment and you need to get your worthless ass to a gun range and practice. You do not need to impede sane legislation designed to protect your children and the children of others from lunatics who should be in institutions rather than out in public banging away.

What the hell is wrong with you? Daddy didn't love you enough?
For anyone who needs assault rifles with extended clips, rapid fire and full metal jacket rounds, I suggest playing Call of Duty. you can also get Predator missiles, attack helicopters, AC-130 planes with 3 HUGE guns, grenades and all sorts of stuff. Been playing FPS since Wolfenstien and still haven't felt the need to own a real gun.
25: Hey, ya know what's more intrusive than the government (supposedly) taking your toys away?

1) Dictating the medical procedures that women are allowed to undergo

2) Dictating whether or not women are allowed to take contraceptives

3) Dictating the sexual activities that consenting adults are allowed to participate in

4) Dictating which sex any given citizen is allowed to marry

5) Dictating where Muslims get to build their community centers

6) Dictating which jobs (eg, military) are available to gay people and women

... and on, and on, and on. Right-wingers claiming to be for "small government" are full of shit. You don't want small government, you want PETTY government. Sorry, but if I want the government to intrude on anything, I'd rather it be something consequential like pollutants in my drinking water; not something inane like which set of sex organs my neighbor gets to suck on. Then again, I'm not a pearl-clutching little weakling, so maybe that's why I don't understand this quivering fear you people have towards gays and women.

Also, being such a Constitutional scholar, surely you realize that the liberals who argue back against you aren't infringing on your First Amendment rights. To do that, we'd have to actually, you know; imprison or fine you for your speech. I have never witnessed any liberal proposing fines or imprisonment for voicing conservative opinions, and I'm pretty sure you haven't either.

Calling you a dipshit isn't a First Amendment violation; it's merely us using OUR First Amendment rights to point out an obvious truth. If you don't believe me, feel free to call the ACLU and tell them I'm infringing on your rights by pointing out how idiotic your beliefs are; the volume of the laughter you'll hear should be proof enough.
@33 -- Thank you, Mr or Ms Bonefish! Yes!
25, like most conservatives, you lack a basic understanding of how society works: which is, we're all in this together. Universal Health Care is a public good, pure and simple. For-profit Health Care is not. The best thing America is doing is proving to the world how fucked up a For-profit Health Care system truly is. If someone told you that we have the best health care system in the world, they lied to you. Sure, you can get the most *expensive* health care, the most luxurious, but that's not a "system."

UHC has been proven to be successful around the world. There's really no losers. The populace is healthier & more productive. The taxes that pay for it go to medical personnel, creating hundreds of thousands of middle-to-upper class wages. They also require education, creating further jobs. Those jobs, not just create a greater tax base, also put money in the economy where they buy more goods & services, creating more demand, creating more jobs.

Right now, that money is going into the hands of bureaucrats in the insurance industry, who do nothing. Most of the money is concentrated on few people, and the jobs they create in their demand for luxury items pales in comparison w/ the millions of people who demand smartphones or cars.

See how this works? I feel stupid explaining it, but if it's one thing I've learned over the past 15 years, is how dedicated conservatives have become in denying basic truths of the economy. You're not oppressed w/ taxes, they are the lowest they've been ever. Your collection of assault weapons won't prevent a government take-over. If America is threatened w/ autocracy, it will come where it has always come from, the political right.
@25 - What is the joke about keeping healthcare costs down? I don't know, but feel free to share.

Why are healthcare costs so high? Well, because hospitals and insurers have all of us as individual captive markets, up against the wall of medical distress. The medical industry is not a free market, it is a fully un-free market.

To fix it, it takes (1) many years to fully address such a massive and complex institution, and (2) more government intervention on behalf of citizens to obtain the solution.
But hey, don't let facts or in-depth analysis get in your way. Just keep yelling polemic, fear-based rants.

"Health care prices are high in America because, because we typically allow them to be high. When [other countries] force prices to be lower, they get lower prices. When Americans force prices to be lower (via Medicare), we get lower prices"
When I stopped puking, I was able to actually laugh at the concept of letting Republicans marry, although it still seems weird, since most of the Republican Politicians who get caught sinning seem to be with Young Boys ? What's that all about ?? Where will it all End ? Next thing you know, Republican Senators will be wanting to marry Young Boys, and won't that be an even slipperier slope ?? What's Most strange about letting Republicans marry, is that they seem to view Women with contempt and disrespect, and so they will end up in a relationship where they will have to spend every waking moment telling their Wives when to eat, when to poop, even when they can add or subtract a Baby,..seems like a lot of trouble to me, as I have trouble just minding my Own business, much less that of my three Wives !
@33, Bonefish, and @35, Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In, outstanding posts. Thank you very much for saying what I wanted to say, and for saying it so well.