Just tell grandma its a tanning bed.
  • Ben Livingston
  • Just tell grandma it's a tanning bed.

Our week began with the Ballad of Sam Bellomio, the angry little man who's running for City Council on a platform of I'm-smarter-than-you. (Alison Holcomb, who is not yet on the record about being smarter than you or not, might also be running for City Council, too.) Meanwhile, Bill Nye, who probably is smarter than you, slapped down climate change deniers in a great video. And science marched on with Grant Brissey, who told us what's being done to save the planet from lethal asteroid strikes. Also, Charles Mudede fired the first salvo in his weeklong aesthetic war against the Beacon Hill Library, and Dan Savage shared the sad story of Timothy C. McCormick.

Which brings us to Tuesday. Anna Minard told us about the slow-the-fuck down bill, which some of you had a few opinions about; Charles Mudede talked about why white people like to pretend they're Native American; and some people drove stoned on camera. Also, the Dance Tax reared its ugly head, Footlose-style, and we discussed salads and gondolas, but not technically in that order.

Midweek brought with it gay Mormons, memories of Tristan Devin, and an interview with great local novelist Matt Ruff about pre-reading jitters and the brilliant premise of his next novel. Plus, we settled the great clothesline controversy once and for all. And Cienna Madrid delivered Mike O'Brien's great question of the week, about cameras on Alki: ""What if someone who was immoral had access to this?"

Thursday, Dan Savage informed us that the anti-gay prom bigots from Indiana got back into the social media game, to not much avail. Plus, Dan got tut-tutted for calling that bigoted old pedophile-apologist I like to call Pope Ratzi a few mean names. In local news, the districted City Council campaign started collecting signatures, and the 12th Ave Arts building is finally underway! And meanwhile, in Vegas, there may or may not have been some hot woman-on-pit-bull action.

Today was a big deal for Republican marriage equality, anti-abortion assholes in Indiana, and people who like to argue about Google Glass. Anna Minard told the women of Washington State that their wombs are in Rodney Tom's hands. Ben Livingston informed us that if anybody wants a grow room, they can go buy one at the home and garden show. All this public pot talk is enough to make you wonder about legalized prostitution. And we just found out that a judge ruled in favor of the Sonics arena deal. And unless you want to become a superhero, you should probably steer the fuck clear of Hanford.

As we look into the future, you should keep Slog in mind for all your Oscar-watching needs on Sunday and plan on joining me on Friday, March 29 for a Verse Chapter Verse with Sherman Alexie and these guys: