State Reproductive Parity Act Passes in the House


Because to Liberals Killing a Baby is JUST THE SAME as delivering one......
Considering the issues raised in Cienna's article this week, one can't help but wonder what effect, if any, this will have on the increasing number of Catholic-run hospitals in the state. I mean, what real benefit will women get, if their insurance company is required to cover these items and procedures, but hospitals aren't similarly compelled to provide them as well?
All the more reason to pass it. If it doesn't pass, and insurance companies in the red states aren't covering birth control and abortion because their male legislators have vagina-control issues, then there's no reason to provide/cover it in WA either (in their mind). The Catholic hospitals can be dealt with if they take any public monies. But if the insurance companies don't cover it, then WA women are screwed on both ends.