Remember That Horrible Shooting on the Vegas Strip?: Turns out one of the dead was Sandra Sutton-Wasmund from Maple Valley, WA.

Once Unable to Walk, Pistorius Walks Free on Bail: Although a deceptively fast sprinter, Pistorius was deemed not to be a flight risk because his prostheses are too recognizable.

The Northwest Welcomes Its Deep-Sea Gelatinous Friends: They're called salps! They're small, thoughtless, jellyfish like creatures known for charming mischief like clogging cool-water intake screens at California's Diablo Nuclear Reactor.

Into the Darkness (with Drones): America is building its newest drone base in Niger. Soon drones will be able to effortlessly kill people in battles like the one happening now in the Ifoghas mountains of Mali.

Seven Foot Tall Man is Sleepy After Taking Pills: So sleepy, in fact, that he allegedly won't leave his house after it was foreclosed and purchased by someone else in Sammamish, Washington. The Seattle Times says the sleepy giant is former Sonics player Robert Swift.

North Korea is Threatening to Destroy US and South Korea, Again: This time North Korea's threat of "miserable destruction" comes ahead of a joint military exercise between the US and South Korea. It is unclear if North Korea is upset because it was not invited.

Climate Change Doesn't Exist: A thin snowpack and unusually shallow mountain lakes promise to provide the southwestern United States with an awful soil-parching drought this summer. Climatologists fear it may even be more terrible than the drought they had last summer.

Minnesota Based "Un-Fair" Campaign Targets White Privilege: Controversy ensues.

97 Stranded Burmese Refugees Die: How you ask? The Thai Navy allegedly removed their wooden boat's engine and left them to starve. Fortunately, Sri Lanka's navy found the vessel and were able to rescue 32 of the Rohingya Muslims who live with violent discrimination at home.

Sequesters Threaten Job Growth, Public Sector Workers, Schools, the US Military, Flight Schedules, and More: Thanks Congress!