Free Public Transportation


Edit this: "To who know true love for the city is to know how to punish the private ownership of cars..."
Funny, yesterday as an answer to Seattle Transit Blog's article on transit for the poor, I suggested that we make transit free, via ORCA card, for any person who does not own, and are part of a household that does not own, a car.

The reasoning is that it is like the other people paying them to stay off the road and create less congestion..a kind of tax credit.

(The response was along the lines of If wishes were horses, ...

You make an interesting point. Awarding people for not owning a car? Good idea. BTW, I don't and have never owned an automobile.
Not only does Bailo make an interesting point, but he remembers to close the italics tag. Should probably go out on a high note and refrain from posting for the rest of the day.
Yes, great idea Bailo, I'll just register my car in my grandma's name and get me a sweet freebie!
So... The "War on Cars" is a real thing, then? I thought it was bullshit propaganda that got waved around strawman-style like all the other "War On"s.
<irony> But the bus system is supposed to make a profit, just like everything else! How can it make money if we let people ride for free? </irony>
Uhhhhh, Island County WA offers free public transportation, Check out their free commuter service to Seattle, as well as the rest of their routes. Free rides, hell yeah!!!
@1 I think you meant to say "To know true communism is to have non-car owners subsidize your filthy disgusting habit".
The ultimate citizen of an ant farm does not live of it but lives for it.
I'm concerned that this is available to "residents" and this is Europe. Do muslim immigrants in Estonia get a free ride also?
Charles! I'd know your writing style anywhere! I play a slog game where I read without knowing the blogger and guess. I can always pick you, and most times pick Cienna, Paul, and Goldy (especially when he is indignant, which is most the time).
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