How the Sequester Cuts Will Hit Washington State


Starve the Beast.
We're gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anything but MILITARY READINESS! we'll have to rely on the unorganized militia when the UN black helicopters come.
The school my wife works at has been told the district will be cutting all funding for special education assistants. That mean the teacher will be left to deal with some profoundly disabled kids while also teaching 35+ kids.

But no worries - the latest convention "wisdom" as spouted by morons like George Will is that there is nothing to worry about! Sequestration will not be harmful to anyone & is really a good thing.
Austerity is a good thing right? Well, as long as we don't have the rich pay taxes it's A-Okay.

Maybe this will wake people up? Doubt it but maybe??


maybe it is time for the 47% to pitch in a few pennies.....

heaven forbid any administrators be cut.

or worse yet, don't dare touch plastic surgery benefits for teacher union members....
5 & 6 - we don't tax ourselves enough.

3 largest tax breaks of the nation:…

[I hope that link works, I'm stuck using windows exploer 8 and a lot of sites don't support it, I couldn't even open that ny time magazine site, but I copied the url from google]
"we don't tax ourselves enough. "


You mean "someone else".

Haven't Sloggers been telling us Washington State would turn into Somalia with all the so-called "cuts" over the past 5 years? I was just in Walla Walla on a break this weekend with the family, no sign of roving gangs of warlords in Technicals terrorizing the people. Quite pleasant actually.
Didn't we just raise taxes on "the rich" during the Fiscal Cliff negotiations? Where is that money. Sequestration sounds like yet another artificial crisis...
No troll dear. You don't pay enough in taxes, and neither do I. And you are evidentially content to let the rich in this state mooch off the rest of us - your type usually is.

What were you doing in Walla Walla? Visiting your mother at the penitentiary?
"You don't pay enough in taxes, and neither do I."

So I'm assuming you're not taking any deductions this year then, including writing-off that double-ended, hedgehog handle dildo as a work expense?
@6 "maybe it is time for the 47% to pitch in a few pennies"

They already pay more taxes as a percentage of income, and a significant number of them pay more taxes as a gross number than you and many others reading Slog.

@10 "Didn't we just raise taxes [...]"

You can start crying when we get close to Reagan rates, and I might join you if we start heading for Eisenhower territory.
The 3 Biggest Tax Breaks — and What They Cost Us

1. Exclusion for Employer-Provided Health Insurance - encourages paying in tax-free health care as opposed to taxable wages 264 billion in 2009 - the size of 6 federal agencies

2. Mortgage-Interest Deduction - wildly applicable to vacation homes and gigantic homes beyond the need of basic shelter, lower income families who buy modest homes save more via the standard deduction over itemizing. In 2009 the cost was about the same as the military's research and development budget.

3. Exclusion for 401(k) Contributions - full of pros and cons. It encourages saving for retirement, but it is another loophole in the tax code for companies and investors. Though America has a high corporate tax rate dude to holes in the tax code we collect little revenue in comparison. It costs about the same as the medicare prescription drug program.…

OK, now for a little actual factual content on the matter:…
The entire $1.2 trillion in Sequestration 'cuts' should be understood that they are not really cuts at all...

They are really a lowering of the projected INCREASE in federal spending going forward.

In simple terms, if an agency's budget is $100, and they are expecting an increase of $10.00 next year, but they only get $8.00, Dumbocrat politicians characterize that as a $2.00 cut in spending. (Queue the Chicken Little quote).