And they feel the same way about child rapists, enabler of child rape, and accomplices to child rape. That's what I took away from this Washington Post piece:

When Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled his plan to legalize same-sex marriage last year, Britain’s highest Roman Catholic cleric took to the national pulpit. Cardinal Keith O’Brien decried a “tyranny of tolerance,” calling gay marriage “grotesque” and saying no secular government had the moral authority to legalize such unions.

On Monday, O’Brien, one of the church’s most strident voices against homosexuality, abruptly stepped down amid allegations of “intimate” acts with priests. His fall underscored perhaps the greatest challenge for the Roman Catholic hierarchy as it moves to elect a new pope: regaining its own moral authority. Nowhere is that more true than here in Europe, the continent where the global church is losing the most ground. The taint of scandal here was far fresher than in United States, with a new wave of revelations of sex abuse by European clergy emerging in 2010. Since then, evidence suggests that a long and gradual exodus from Roman Catholic pews has only accelerated, with tens of thousands of Europeans abandoning the faith....

But the nature of the allegations against O’Brien has already led others to call them—if proved true—an example of the kind of hypocrisy that is eroding the church’s influence, particularly on the globe’s most socially liberal continent. Fresh scandal now, observers say, could undermine the church’s current battle to restore its voice in the region, which it has waged by rallying against a bevy of liberal causes from legalized abortion in Ireland to gay marriage in France.

Poor Cardinal O’Brien. Someone needed to be the church's voice in the region and he quite selflessly pulled the dick out of his mouth long enough to condemn gay marriage and then—bam—he's exposed as another closeted Catholic hypocrite. Sucks to be him, huh?