It's Time for the First Serious Round of Romney Postmortems


Until they can defeat teabaggers in primaries by explaining they are too weak in the general elections, their fears will keep them towing the ultra-conservative line.
Their strategy is to deny Americans access to voting, their talking points are irrelevant, they realistically believe that they can buy their way to lower turnout.
So far, the biggest thing they've realized is that winning the old white male demographic won't win general elections any longer. Their response has been to try to win back Hispanics.

For example: here in Colorado, the ASSET bill got support from three Republican senators, one of whom is ordinarily a teabaggy embarrassment. What is the ASSET bill? It's a bill to lower tuition rates for undocumented students at public colleges and universities. This is a huge turnaround for the party of Tom Tancredo.

So, if nothing else, they've learned that they better pander to Hispanics from now on.
the 47% romney was TRYING to refer to were simply the percentage of straight-ticket democratic voters. then he conflated them with lazy bums in an attempt to explain his message to low-information flibberdigibbet swing voters. it was just a rhetorical fuckup, but it was delicious.

they would have lost regardless because they're assholes and obama played his first term like he was president urkel.
Howard Kurtz is horrible. Does he not understand the effect of incumbency on the media hordes? He's purportedly a media critic, right?
Who says anyone wants Republicans to win any goddamn elections? Except for other republicans, of course.

I know, for our democracy to thrive we need at least two viable parties. But watching the hubris of the teabaggers and fundies as they thrash and gnaw at their many failures is so, so gratifying. Fuck 'em. Let 'em continue losing at least through another election cycle.
@ 4, wasn't he speaking at one of those $5k a plate fundraising luncheons? Those weren't swing voters by any stretch.

He was speaking other millionaires like himself. Romney said it because that's what he believes.
Why should any of us, liberal or conservative or otherwise, give one shit what Mitt Romney has to say? He was never anything more than a rich, otherwise empty vessel designed to embody the conservative mindset. He's interchangeable with any other rich asshole.

So why is Fox wasting the time? They should be finding an electable candidate for next time, or maybe even a winning, center-right agenda, not giving air time to a has-been.