Jinkx Monsoon Was Dubbed "the Meryl Streep of Drag Queens" on RuPaul's Drag Race Last Night


I just can't get over how some of them didn't know who Little Edie was. What kind of Queens are these?
I was mortified by the lack of talent and originality last night. All image, no substance. Jinkx slayed them all with grace and dignity.
"Drew Barrymore, eat your heart out," wrote Rich Juzwiak.
One of the contestants, Jinkx Monsoon, busted out an impression of cult hero Little Edie Bouvier Beale (as immortalized in the Maysels brothers' 1975 documentary Grey Gardens) that was so spot on, all it was missing was the scent of cat urine. Most of Jinkx's competitors had no idea who Little Edie was and were condescending about it instead of being ashamed like they should have.
I got so excited I didn't see you'd already linked to it!
Get it Jinkx!!!
Will we be the first generation to vote for an openly gay Pope?

i know who she is and i'm straight! wake the fuck up, ignorant little kids!

or better yet, don't because 206!
ok. I get it. How many seasons are there? I will get no more work done.
The movie was adapted to a musical, and it features in a Rufus Wainwright song. Netflix is practically free. No excuse for not knowing who Little Edie was.
I love how Jinxx stole the moment from Ivy Winter's Marilyn Monroe drawing a blank on the fact that MARILYN SHAGGED JFK. Good for Jinxx for having cracked open a history book or two.
First time I've ever watched this show - I'm hooked!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how Jynkx is doing her own smart, original thing. "I do think we have a slightly different aesthetic." Indeed!! Plus, she's really pretty.

Go Jynkx!
Wow. Jinkx showed not only how literate and original SHE is, but also spoke well of her hometown, the #2 most literate town IN THE U.S! Go Jinkxy!
GO GO JINKXY! I'm a straight lady and I know who Little Edie is, and she killed it.

That small bit where she's upset that the other queens don't get her drag broke my heart. I get your drag, Jinkx, and you are my favorite type of Queen.
It's Monsoon season!
SO PROUD. Keep killin' it, Jinkx.
Jinkx deserves his own comedy/variety show, on cable tv of course.
I've been Team Jinkx since the beginning. And while for the first couple episodes she got a little lost in the morass of bitchiness, drama, and terrible queens (cough-Cha Cha, Pinay, Mahogany- cough) Jinkx has been quietly moving to the forefront of the competition. She's by far the most relatable, likable, sweet, talented, funny, enjoyable-to-watch queen this season has got and I hope she keeps rising in the ranks to take the crown.

My current top three are Alaska (who I was initially apprehensive about but has since proven herself in spades), Detox, and Jinkx with Jinkx taking the crown.

It's about time a talented, successful, funny camp queen takes a crown.

Oh and Visage needs to freaking let go of the "Glamazon" critique. You know what being obsessed with polish and look alone gets you? Tyra Sanchez. And we all know how well that travesty turned out.