Morning News: Courts, Cops, Kings, and Morrissey


Bobb needs to be fired. Not only for our sake but for future customers of his who might like to see what kind of bullshit he almost got away with at his old job.
My comment in response to article Seattle 5th Best Place to Work

Seattle's a good place to work and not much else. Terrible weather, over priced real estate, morbid social scene. It's more like a giant oil rig than a city. Best to sock it away and buy a retirement condo in paradise.…
Lord love a duck!
"House Speaker John Boehner ...",

the ultimate slacker who washed out of US Navy boot camp, forever complaining about his aching back (the usual slacker/malingerer's complaint to avoid military service - - unlike Ted Nugent, who crapped and pissed on himself to avoid military service during the draft), is requesting someone else to get off their ass?????????

Most important article of the month, and a geniuinely interesting web site:…

(You may be interested in the sociologist Darwin Bond-Grahamp's articles on "Pueblo Lands" - most informative and revealing.)

Is that Cantor in the orange tie in the Guardian's picture? Is he some kind of dwarf? Either those are the shortest arms in Congress, or that perspective is really weird.
"That's a pretty bad name: sequester."

I could do without the POTUS channeling Fred Rodgers.
Here's a nugget buried in the KOMO story with controversy over what expenses of Merick Bob's are elligible for reimbursement:

While explaining the receipts, Bobb questioned the police department's progress.

"I'm not certain that we can currently say we are getting cooperation from the city regarding the monitoring or movement toward full and effective implementation of the consent degree," he said in an email.
Anna wrote, "Those Weird Gray Nudie-Pic Machines at Sea-Tac: They `should be gone by mid-April, according to a staff memo sent to Port of Seattle commissioners on Sunday.' That's misleading. There are two types of "nudie-pic" machines that are used to perform electronic strip searches (i.e., to look under people's clothing) at Sea-Tac. Only one type ("backscatter imaging") are being removed. The other ("millimeter wave") will remain. People exercising their right to transit through the navigable airways via common carrier will still be subjected to either A) a look under their clothing with the nude-o-scope, or B) a law-enforcement-style body search during which an airport security guard runs his or her hands up and down the search subject's body, pressing into crotches and lifting breasts.
My most fervent wish (and it will never come true) is for the world's media to stop covering the Vatican and start treating it like the over-privileged, irrelevant sideshow/circus that it is. In other words, just stop covering it. Man, I could go...well, forever without getting the latest updates from El Papa and the Boys.

If they want press, let 'em start their own cable channel. Just leave me out of it. I don't give a fuck about who the Pope is or who the next one is going to be. But give those who care an all Vatican/all the time channel where they can get caught up. Maybe part of the day it could be a Vatican shopping channel selling statues and crucifixes and Papal ring knock-offs and Prada slippers just like what the Pope wears.