Brendon Connelly at British pop culture site Bleeding Cool informs us that A Good Day to Die Hard director John Moore has announced that he's already working on the director's cut of his movie, which is still in theaters:

There aren’t any details of what the cut will comprise, other than a 30% expansion for the car chase sequence. It already runs for something like 20 minutes, I believe...Moore says his cut will be “substantially longer” though I don’t have any idea what that means in real terms. I expect it may be ready in time for the film’s DVD and Blu-ray release and if it is, I doubt we’ll ever see the uncut theatrical version in the UK, with this Director’s Cut leapfrogging it. Might be for the best.

When I wrote about A Good Day to Die Hard, I placed all the blame for Good Day on Moore's direction. It's a movie full of bad directorial choices. It seems to me that people who paid money to see this movie should feel ripped off that the director's cut is coming so soon. That indicates that Moore doesn't have any confidence in the movie he released. And if Moore is talking about releasing the director's cut in time for DVD and international release, that also indicates the studio knows it released a piece of crap movie.

On the other hand, nothing in Good Day indicates that Moore understands how to direct a movie. This leads me to believe that his "substantially longer" director's cut is simply going to be more bullshit stuffed into the same bag.