Cracks in the 520 Bridge Pontoons: Are mainly due to "the state’s own design errors," admits WSDOT, and may cost $100 million to fix. From the Seattle Times:

The state chose to design the pontoons itself on a fast track (rather than delegate that responsibility to contractors) as a strategy to attract lower bids and to get the floating section built by 2014... Initially the strategy seemed to work, as the winning bid... was $180 million less than the state expected to pay otherwise. But now, taxpayers and toll payers will surrender much of those savings.

Man in Greenwood Shot by Police: After a hostage situation and a foot chase last night.

McGinn and Holmes Fighting Over Police Reforms: The mayor's legal counsel accuses the city attorney of breaching attorney-client privilege and "undercutting" the police chief in negotiations; the attorney's office "categorically denies any breach of the City Attorney’s ethical obligations to the City."

Chuck Hagel: Finally confirmed as defense secretary. As Paul put it yesterday, "this makes Senate Republicans look like a bunch of whiny babies."

Parts of the Voting Rights Act: May be in trouble at the Supreme Court right now.

At Wade's Gun Range in Bellevue: Former employees are suing, claiming lead poisoning.

Weight Watchers Employees Part of a Growing Low-Wage Rebellion: They're speaking out about their low pay. The NYT says their "frustration reflects a growing discontent among low-wage workers," who "have become more assertive out of dismay that while corporate profits have rebounded to record levels since the recession, wages have floundered."

Damn, I Love a Good Headline: And this one's local! Be on the lookout: "Fake officer armed with box of porn continues robbery spree."

Fatal Shark Attack: Off a New Zealand beach.

Send in the giant octopus, then, right?