Seattle Police Chief's Mustache, Missing?


The copstache is gone? I think this calls for a binding poll on, being a good Seattle-related denizen, which hipster mustache should be permanently photoshopped onto him for all appearances going forward in Slog.
Hope it signals the end of "community policing" so the Crackdown can begin.
Oh my gosh, The Strangers, there is so much bad stuff going on all the time and THIS is the story you guys are reporting on!!!!!!! GEESH get your PRIORITIES straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And do some REAL news..................................
Perhaps in response to this.
Shearing, not sheering, which sounds like something you'd make drape liners out of.
This is important stuff Cienna. Keep reporting for sure. Reeeeeeealy, important.
Commenting that something is a waste of time is more time being wasted by you! Get a job!
I appreciate learning that the top cop has lost his facial hair, but I am wondering if the Stranger has turned off their spell check in the last week, or if they're just pulling our collective leg now.

Hully gee and shucks buster! I know, right? Text is a finite resource on the internets and the Strangers keep squandering it!

Save some opinion bandwidth for underprivileged, oppressed Christians, you guys!!!!!
@3 Do you actually think that taking two minutes to write an off-the-cuff mustache post "real news" was being ignored?

@5, I'm sorry. Sometimes I fuck up the spelling of things. It's fixed now.

@6, bite me.