Female Military Vets and Homelessness


Let me talk as someone who DOES volunteer work with the homeless in Seattle. I am not sure why homeless vets are held up more than what is apparently, the run of the mill homeless.

Seriously, the fact we have homeless is beyond fucked up, especially when we are creaming our pants hoping for another sports stadium filled with overpaid steroid filled adults who behave like 15 year olds.

ANY homelessness is hearbreaking not just vets or children...it's all fucking bad.

Just more than 1 in 200 people in the United States became homeless at some point during the year. The odds of becoming homeless were
greater than the odds of living in the state of New Hampshire (1 in 239).


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It is about time women started to challenge the Olde Boys Club that is homelessness. You go Grrrls!

@1: Hey, steriod use in sports is a really serious problem, and not something to joke about. For shame.
I remember reading somewhere that if every church in the country took in just three homeless people, the problem would be solved.

(I don't recall where I read that so I can't give a cite, sorry)
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Washington had the 3rd largest decrease, -12.8%, in homelessness 2010-11.

Here in Kent I've really noticed that.
Maybe people should stop joining the military.

They'd have to take eight.
Plenty of empty houses..

Greed is the choke collar of problem solving
@1, re: "I am not sure why homeless vets are held up more than what is apparently, the run of the mill homeless."

For better or worse, people in the military are held on a patriotic pedestal--day in and out, they're actively protecting our freedoms from The Enemy. What's striking is how hollow that position is, given how many ex-military folks end up homeless after leaving service.

And yes, that lack of support is especially apparent when it comes to women leaving the military, who've been subjected not only to the expected trauma that corresponds with their work but the unexpected trauma of being sexually assaulted by their peers.

I agree with you, homelessness is bad, but that's pretty fucking awful.
sounds like those gals need a husband.....