Okay, so Karl Rove had hundreds and millions of dollars from Republican donors to advance Republican candidates. None of them won. What happened next?

My posterior was shredded a little bit by donors wondering why we are writing checks for people who then turn around and run such lousy campaigns,” Rove said on Wednesday while speaking in Dallas at a luncheon sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Weirdly, Rove's shredded-posterior imagery inspired deep within me a powerful craving for a pulled pork sandwich. But look at the second half of that sentence, when he lays the blame on the candidates. Rove says he's learned that "The quality of candidates matters.” Because that's something that never occurred to him before he started tossing around three hundred million dollars of other people's money. If a Rove super PAC pulls in that kind of money again in the next election cycle, I'll be stunned. I don't know how anyone could trust him with three dollars, yet alone three hundred million.