Grand Jury Refusers Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran Are Free: Or they will be at 4 p.m. today, says our own Brendan Kiley. (Maddie Pfeiffer remains in prison.)

Happy Sequester Eve! I'm asking my parents for a pony. Says the NYT: "The sword of Damocles turns out to be made of Styrofoam." Meanwhile, Bob Woodward says the Obama administration threatened him over a sequester story.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes: Will not be "ethically screening" himself from police reform negotiations, Cienna reported yesterday, despite Mayor McGinn's request.

Bradley Manning Pleads Both Ways: Reports the LA Times...

Army Pfc. Bradley Edward Manning pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges that he illegally acquired and transferred U.S. government secrets, agreeing to serve 20 years in prison for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks that described U.S. military and diplomatic efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.

The 25-year-old soldier, however, pleaded not guilty to 12 more serious charges, including espionage for aiding the enemy, meaning that his criminal case will go forward at a general court-martial in June. If convicted at trial, he risks a sentence of life in prison at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.

The First American to Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un: Is Dennis Rodman. "Kim, 30, is known to have been a Rodman fan since his teenage years."

An Awful Story Out of South Africa: No, not that one. This: "The police did not seem at all concerned by all the witnesses and the presence of cameras as they tied Mido Macia, a 27-year-old from neighboring Mozambique, to the back of a police vehicle, his hands behind his head." Macia later died in police custody.

Gay Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Marco McMillian: Found dead yesterday in an apparent homicide. His campaign spokesman says he doesn't think McMillian's murder was "politically motivated or a hate crime." The AP has a longer story here.

Homeless Man Lights Candles, Blows Up House: In South Park, early this morning.

Evicting a Sonic: Former Seattle Sonic Robert Swift is slowly moving out of his foreclosed Eastside mansion—a little too slowly for lawyers.

Splicing Screaming Goats into Pop Songs: Is definitely my new favorite internet trend. Here, have some Miley:

Bon Jovi, Goat Edition, after the jump!