Score One, NRA: South Dakota is now the first state to explicitly authorize teachers to carry guns in classrooms.

But Guns Make Us Safer: Yesterday, Anna Minard reported on a shooting in North Seattle's Greenlake area that put local schools on lock-down. Since that post, the suspected shooter was arrested at her home in Burien.

North Korea Continues to Launch Existential Threats at the United States: The United States remains unconcerned.

Whole Foods Jumps on the Labeling Train: If you read the Stranger last week (which you did), you know that Washingtonians will soon be voting on a bill that would require GMO products to be labeled. Whole Foods has finally come out in support of GMO labeling, and all of its GMO products will be labled within the next five years.

Osama Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Pleads Not Guilty to Conspiring to Kill Americans: Yes, that means he is in a real civilian trial, not Guantanamo Bay.

Wannabe Chavez Takes Office in Venezuela: America's hopes for a more malleable leader in Venezuela are dwindling as the officially sworn-in Nicolas Maduro adopts Chavez's speech patterns, promises to uphold Chavez's revolution, and chants "I am Chavez" at the late president's funeral.

The McGinn Abides: Yesterday, after a bit of controversy over who actually had the right to sign it, Mayor Mike McGinn approved a reform plan aimed at the Seattle Police Department.

Kenyatta Wins Presidential Election in Kenya: Presumably because his name has "Kenya" in it.

A Tragic Update: On Wednesday, a 24-year-old woman from Brier was killed by a lion while she was interning at Cat Haven near Fresno, California. It was originally thought that she had been in the cage with the lion, but it turns out the large African cat had escaped from its enclosure.

Job Growth Doesn't Give a Shit About the Sequester: Not yet at least. For the moment, unemployment is at a four-year low.