Netflix Streaming is the streaming video service ready to shoot several thousand movies onto your TV and/or computer screen. The film selection is a gloriously random array of "Hollywood hits!," beloved classics, and off-brand delights. Some folks resent the weird arbitrariness and limited selection of the Netflix Streaming library, but I love it. How else would I ever get around to watching Serpico or BET's American Gangster series? How else would numerous friends of mine all happen to watch/re-watch Reversal of Fortune the same month, enabling gratifying discussion of Klaus von Bulow?

I could go on. Instead, I'll introduce the first installment of the Slog Netflix Streaming Movie Club, wherein we all watch the same weird and arbitrary film on Netflix Streaming, then discuss it here on Slog.

Our first selection: Someone I Touched, a TV movie from 1975 exploring the impact of venereal disease on a handful of interconnected lives. Not only does it star Cloris Leachman, the theme song is sung by Cloris Leachman.


We will discuss this film on Slog one week from today.