I know I should be angry about this poster, which basically argues that women's bodies—like the one I'm wearing now!—are public playgrounds. But it reads as if whoever designed it doesn't have a solid grasp of what words mean. (Which religion? Faith and reason, wha? How is "my body, my choice" contradicted by science???).

I see terms like "modern myth," and "contrary to both faith and reason," I feel both charmed and flattered. I'm a unicorn! All women capable of independent thought are unicorns! And the thing about unicorns is, only an idiot would be caught arguing with them.

  • Slog tipper z.

From what I can deduce via the internets, the man who's slapping these up around Ballard is probably a security guard for Seattle Pacific University who says he graduated from "Life University." So, you know, no surprises there.

Thanks to slog tipper z.