The owner of a south Seattle club known for hosting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings was arrested last night for allegedly selling oxycodone before and after support group meetings for addicts and alcoholics, according to a press release sent by U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan's office.

According to the criminal complaint filed against 64-year-old Michael Martin Shepard, a tipster informed Seattle police that illegal drug sales were taking place at the Nomadian Community Resource Center off Rainier Ave S, which Shepard owns. During the subsequent police investigation, Shepard allegedly sold oxycodone to informants five times in the past two months, the release explains.

"The complaint alleges that Shepard would only deal drugs to those who became a 'member' of the NCRC in an attempt to evade detection by law enforcement," the release states. "The sales occurred both before and after the NCRC hosted sanctioned AA meetings for addicts and alcoholics."

Ugh. What an allegedly terrible environment in which to try and stay sober.

Then there's this: "Further investigation revealed that Shepard was obtaining the pills, in some instances, by purchasing prescriptions from those who had been prescribed the medication," the release states.

Durkan's office notes that distribution of oxycodone is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.