Despite assuring women that he totally supports a bill requiring insurance carriers to equally cover pregnancy and abortion costs in their insurance plans—and will do whatever he can to get the recently passed House bill passed in the Senate—State Senator Rodney Tom (Fucking Weasel, Medina) has instead maneuvered to effectively kill the bill.

You see, as Senate Majority Leader (a position he also attained with his weasely prowess), Tom is responsible for assigning bills to the appropriate Senate committees. And instead of assigning the Reproductive Parity Act to the Senate's Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance committee where it was promised a fair hearing and vote from the committee's Democratic chair, Tom instead sent the bill to the Senate's Healthcare Committee, headed by anti-choice Sen. Randi Becker (R-Eatonville).

Becker has scheduled a hearing on the bill for April 1, but given that her nine-person committee includes five Republicans, and only one Republican senator has stepped up to support this legislation (Sen. Steve Litzow—who's not part of the healthcare committee), there's little hope of the RPA making it to the Senate floor for a vote.

Christ, what a rat-faced weasel Tom is.