• Brian Standeford

Don't Take Advice from Murder City Devils
If the club has provided you with a mic stand with an extremely heavy base, don't swing it around. You might hit your guitar player in the head. And if you hit your guitar player in the head, don't let him ask the Murder City Devils for medical advice—they will only tell him that unless he lets them kick him in the balls, he will have a brain aneurysm and die. This may cause your guitar player to have a very real, very scary panic attack that ends with a very large, very tattooed, very shirtless Gabe Kerbrat running through a "hospital" with your guitar player swaddled in his arms like a baby before the police show up to inform you that you are, in fact, in an elder-care facility scaring the shit out of everyone.

The Catheters play Penumbra Beer & Music Fest this Saturday, March 16, at King's Hall with the Wimps, Prism Tats, Tacocat, Pleasureboaters, and La Luz. Tickets are available here!