In a phone survey of 805 registered voters in Seattle, conducted in February by EMC Research and released this week by the Space Needle Corporation, Seattle voters declared their love of "public views" and said they want views (like, for example, views of the Space Needle) protected in the South Lake Union rezone.

More than 75 percent of voters support "requiring that the new development rules for South Lake Union protect important public views," the poll says. The poll memo goes on to say that this support remains strong even when voters are told that protecting views would mean that "in a few key public view corridors, like public parks, buildings would have to be shorter or they would have to be setback further from the street." The rezone itself doesn't fare so well in the poll, garnering only 37 percent support.

"It's clear from these poll results that maintaining our city's uniqueness and ensuring that public views remain for the public to enjoy is incredibly important to Seattleites," says Ron Sevart, CEO of Space Needle Corporation, in a press release. To see the horror that might become reality, where hideous cartoon orange-and-pink buildings blot out the sun/Space Needle, go to the website Protect Our Views, which reminds you that views (of the Space Needle) "are a key part of our Seattle's uniqueness and flavor."

Read all about it in this lovely PDF. But really, Slog. Do we trust things like professional polls of Seattle voters with such crazy things as margins of error and press releases? NO. WE DO NOT. We trust a good old-fashioned legally binding Slog poll, which I present to you now: