Cardinals Can't Agree on a Pope: They sent up black smoke instead of white smoke and this whole process is really fucking weird.

Jesus Was a Shapeshifter!: Maybe!

"Truth Serum" Is a Real Thing?: And the judge has approved use of it on Aurora shooter James Holmes.

Life on Mars: Curiosity dug up some dirt that has all necessary ingredients to support primitive life.

Good Job, New Zealand: "Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill allowing same-sex marriage..."

Soccer!: Sounders won! And apparently it was great? I know nothing about soccer. But, cool!

Back from the Dead: The Twinkie might survive after all.

Google's Going Bigger: The Kirkland campus is going to double in size, making room for 1,000 more employees.

Michael Boysen Is in Custody: "A Washington state man suspected of killing his grandparents was taken into custody without incident Tuesday night after a daylong standoff with police at a Lincoln City motel."

Yay, Amy Poehler!: Comedy Central has ordered the show Broad City, which Poehler produced. Amy Poehler is my best friend.

The World's Porn Habits: All presented in this neat and interactive infographic.