Today in I, Anonymous: Praise Where Praise Is Due


That made me cum so hard.
Jesus, not the lesbian thing, the TSA blowjob.
Virgin out of SFO is my go to, whenever possible. Nothing but nice things to say about the staff.
Never mind, I'm confusing posts. It's beautiful out! Bye
I doubt it was the TSA, this person must have gotten uniforms mixed up.
Virgin Airline offices might have been a better place to send this letter so that the staff received the commendation they were obviously due.
Why post a compliment anonymously? Seems a strange thing to be ashamed of.
@3, We just recently flew Virgin for the first time, to SFO, and I agree they were great.
@5, the TSA folks at security are performing a thankless job packed with rules they didn't create, but were passed down by legislators whom we elected. Kind of like parking cops. Do you hate all of them too?