What Do You Think About the Veronica Mars Kickstarter?


I don't know what Veronic Mars is, but I'm positive this isn't even close to the dumbest thing on Kickstarter.

I'm curious what percent of funded Kickstarter projects actually get off the ground.
I am looking forward to Veronica Mars vs Pope Francis: End Times.

Should be good.
I doubt that Veronica Mars is leeching off of some more deserving project. The studio seems to just to need some kind of absolute assurance that people still would watch this movie.

If you haven't seen it, Netflix up the first season. It's crack.
Thank goodness Kickstarter is here to help little indie production houses like Warner Brothers set their dreams aloft!

I'm looking forward to seeing Fox finally fund some quality CGI talking animal movies in an Indiegogo campaign. $5 million stretch goal: we'll drag some sitcom actor in to voice the lead!
While I don't like seeing corporate things on Kickstarter, I appreciate having overriding power over studio heads who doubt that there is enough enthusiasm over a show to justify investing money in it. The fact that thousands of people are so eager to plop down $35 for a digital movie a full year before its release, especially when the release could be delayed or canceled for any number of reasons after they take your money with zero recourse for getting a refund, speaks volumes to studios who are on the fence about other shows that have solid fan bases.
"But is this really what we want to be using our crowdfunding money for?"

It's not like "we" have a finite amount of money earmarked for crowdfunding projects. If people are fans, let them buy into it... it's as simple as that.
meh. why is the slog talking about this? How about a local Kickstarter project that's 96% funded and has only 4 hours left: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/9379…

It's started by two women in Seattle, all of the clothes will be produced locally, it's queer-oriented, and it's got more than 500 backers.

What a shitty thing to write about that only yuppy people care about. A multimillion dollar studio raised a million dollars for a TV show they own and could have easily made into multiple movies if they wanted without even batting an eye? The entire point of putting a company like "Warner Brothers" on your media is that THEY ARE YOUR FUCKING FUNDERS. To attach their name to this, and then beg for money, seems self-defeating, but I guess it's better than boner pill ads on the TV? What the fuck ever.
@ 7 Because more people probably care about this

And who cares if corporate projects are on kick starter.
I thought it was because Warner Brothers refused to fund the movie, so this is the only way to get it done. They agreed to do the publicity because that is by far the cheapest part. It's not a gamble for them like funding a full film would be. It's dickish, but not uncommon.
I love that the makers of RiffTrax (formerly the members of Mystery Science Theater 3000) are using Kickstarter to buy the rights to riff on "Twilight" in a one-night performance broadcast live to theaters across the country.

Thus far they've raised $221K, far outpacing their original goal of $55K (which they surpassed on day 1).
Where do I send my money for more Firefly?
I like the tv show a lot. But I'm not too sure about a movie. A miniseries would do. Maybe three episodes each being 2hrs long.
I don't care about Veronica Mars, but what you people don't seem to realize is this is the loophole we need to get Firefly back on the air. hopefully this works. godspeed.
I've never seen Veronica Mars, but this got me interested in it. I didn't realize it was so nerdy.

I don't look at this as Warner Bros going to Kickstarter. I look at this as a writer/director going to Warner Bros, getting shot down, and coming up with a creative compromise. Call me naïve, but this seems like a true love of the people involved in making it (execs not included) paying a pretty good service to their fans in return for their funding.

What @14 said. Let's do this with Firefly! We could keep the show on the air for 10 more years with crowd-funding. Especially if their were rewards like being an on-screen baddie getting shot by Nathan Fillion or getting your ass kicked by Dummer Glau.
Err... Summer Glau.
"Veronica Mars" was a dumb show, but I'd go see a film version if Veronica's boobies were visible.

Otherwise, I'm staying home to watch "90210."