As I mentioned on Monday, the Slog Netflix Streaming Movie Club is the community-building exercise wherein we all watch the same weird and arbitrary film on Netflix Streaming, then discuss it here on Slog.

Our first selection: Someone I Touched, a TV movie from 1975 exploring the impact of venereal disease on a handful of interconnected lives. Not only does it star Cloris Leachman, the theme song is sung by Cloris Leachman.


We will discuss this film on Slog this coming Monday, March 18. Until then, watch the film at your leisure, then mull these discussion questions:

* Has a public health worker ever waited for you to finish a game of beach volleyball to tell you about your positive test for venereal disease?

* Which character in Someone I Touched would you most like to contract a venereal disease from?

* Why don't more TV movies allow/require their stars to sing the theme song?

Meet you back here on Monday, at noon PST.