Yes, it's time for CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives where they continue to drive themselves further to the right. Politico ran a great story outlining all the challenges that Republicans face as they head into CPAC this year:

Establishment Republicans are angry that popular GOP governors Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell are being snubbed, but conservatives, seeing Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush invited, are moaning that a traditional movement event has been annexed by the country club crowd.

Future Republican bright lights will be in attendance, but so will yesterday’s news, most of it with headlines no one wants to read.

A Republican gay group isn’t welcome yet neither are hard-liners on immigration.

And another member of the Paul family is poised, to the frustration of organizers, to again win the presidential straw poll.

Between Mitt Romney's speech, a very special appearance from Donald Trump, Sarah Palin's speech, and all the Rand Paul worship, I expect to be writing a fair amount about CPAC here on Slog in the next few days.