Are You a Woman? Are You a Nerd? Do You Have Information to Share?


No, no, and no.
i demand a hooded dais of geeknerdsweebs to submit these candidates to a test of their true geekhoodship. too many cute pseudohipsters are getting a pass to nerdshiphood these darksome days.

(and if properly motivated with offerings of yoohoo i would volunteer to be on such a dais (for i can name all the yeomen on startrek))
Why do they think all nerds are into sci fi? So stupid.
@3 Where do you see anywhere in that press release they state ALL nerds are into sci-fi?

"They're looking for topics as varied as science, media, business, sci-fi, comics, film, computer programming, and sports."

It's A topic of consideration. Wow.
I clicked this because I figured you were writing a note to me. Sometimes I think it might be true that the universe doesn't revolve around me.
Oh yeah, and the information I thought you wanted me to share is that Champagne Champagne isn't going to be at penumbra tomorrow. After throwing my hissy fit and my friends still wanting to go for beer, I have decided to stop throwing said fit, although it is still raging inside.