Neighborhood News: Naming Baby Lions and Losing Street Cred


Harvard and Broadway don't intersect--they run parallel to each other.
Wedgwood. Only one e.
Glad to see The Angry Beaver has taken off. Just imagine how electric it's going to be when Seattle finally has an NHL team.

I really appreciated Chris Hansen's hockey post on the arena site yesterday. Sure, the guy's a businessman trying to make a deal, but you can't deny he's a genuine sports geek.
And it's just Broadway, not Broadway Ave.
And it has N and S additions too. Little things like that help, because Harvard changes up on the Hill and you can be off by 40 blocks if you get it wrong.
The Angry Beaver was an excellent experience. It was so cool to find a place that actually puts hockey first. Thanks Megan for putting together the Slog Hockey Happy there. It was a lot of fun.
Here's hoping for more quarter-million one-bedroom condos no poor working people can afford. No more of that horrible, tenement-style, shared-space affordable housing.

Other than that, I welcome the density.
@1 They intersect at Madison.
We need hockey SROs.
@9 The mortgage in the situation you described is >$1,200 per month. A teacher, a bartender, nurse, a cop, a garbage collector, a social worker; hell, probably a tattoo artist, etc. could all afford that on one income. For those that can't afford it, at least they won't be competing for limited apartments with those that can.
Shit, I meant @7, Floater. I have no idea what @9 is talking about.
Umm... Can the Unpaid Intern read a map? Did he/she even click through to the original Seattle Times article?

Neither Capitol Hill nor the CD are even close to being Seattle's "Bikiest Neighborhood." North University, Ravenna, and Wallingford all have rates on the map about 2-3 times either neighborhood. Actually, looking at that map, the strongest pattern I see is that neighborhoods within a short ride of the Burke-Gilman Trail have the highest ridership rates. The story here isn't some weird CH vs. CD thing, it's that dedicated bike trails work.

Unless, of course, the Intern is implying that nothing outside of the Capitol Hill area is even part of the city, as so many CH residents seem to believe. If that's the case, carry on then.
I will admit, however, that "slipping out of Capitol Hill's fingerless-glove-adorned hands" was a nice flourish.
@8. Yeah, I was wondering if they did farther south where the streets get weird, but knew the lot in question and that they definitely didn't intersect there.
@14 - While I thought I was being helpful, I was misreading the post as well. The weird little triangle that Harvard and Broadway make was the "lot" I thought was being mentioned, when what Unpaid Intern is talking about was a lot BETWEEN the two parallel streets. So you're right, and I guess I'm right, too (about something unrelated).