"US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Violate Country's Sovereignty, UN Says": "The head of a UN team investigating casualties from US drone strikes in Pakistan declared after a secret research trip to the country that the attacks violate Pakistan's sovereignty."

In Gun News: "Democrats pushed an assault weapons ban through a Senate committee on Thursday..."

Surprise, Surprise: Egypt's president defended the police in the midst of criticism that they were too violent toward anti-government protesters.

Ugh: A man recently died of rabies after receiving a tainted organ in a transplant more than a year ago. After re-examining the donor's death, it was determined that he/she also died of rabies. Three other patients who received organs are getting anti-rabies shots.

An Arizona Inmate's Death Sentence Has Been Overturned: Debra Milke has been on death row for 22 years since being convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, child abuse, and kidnapping. But she maintains her innocence, and it turns out her trial was kind of fucked.

The detective, Armando Saldate, said the friend told him that Debra Milke was involved in a plot to kill her son. But neither the friend nor Styers testified to that assertion in court.

In fact, "no other witnesses or direct evidence (linked) Milke to the crime" other than Saldate's testimony. After pleading not guilty, Milke stood trial and tried to convince a jury that her account — and not the detective's — was the true one.

Related: Everyone should go see West of Memphis ASAP.

Boeing's Battery Woes: Over the next several weeks, the company will be testing a possible solution to the battery fires that have grounded the 787 Dreamliners.

They Found the Violin from the Bandmaster of the Titanic: Supposedly!

Speaking of Giant Boats: ANOTHER Carnival ship is experiencing power problems. At least this time the toilets aren't overflowing.

Yikes!: An LED display fell and injured four people, two critically, at the Ultra Music Fest in Miami.

Sad: A shark being used in a K-Mart commercial allegedly died of stress and now PETA is pissed.