On top of a roof.
  • Saint Genet
  • Saint Genet on top of a roof.

Wrapping the cassettes.
  • Saint Genet
  • Saint Genet wrapping the cassettes.

This Sunday, Saint Genet and Trench Art Records will host/perform Sorrows: Music from Transports of Delirium, with music by Jeff Huston, Salo (Joy Wants Eternity) Garek Jon Druss (A Story of Rats, Dull Knife), and Brian Lawlor (Los Inquietos Del Norte, Implied Violence).

There will also be a new Saint Genet short film by Wes Hurley ("a pre-dawn fever dream atop the Fischer Flour Mill"), performances, and a chance to buy a limited audio cassette release of music from Saint Genet's 2011 experiments at Lawrimore Project.

Your dough will go to fund SG's Paradisiacal Rites at the Donau Festival in Austria and at On the Boards this spring.

Also happening this weekend—the Heavenly Spies' tenth anniversary show at the Triple Door. Check out Paul Constant's adventure at one of their rehearsals:

It's not easy for 18 dancers to simultaneously remove their tops while standing in a row on a small stage. Last week at Fred Wildlife Refuge, during a rehearsal for the Heavenly Spies' 10th anniversary show, choreographer and dancer Fae Phalen suggested that half the women leave their tops on.

"I feel like it would be a better line with all our tits out," another dancer argued. In that case, Phalen said, everyone might have to perform this four-minute closing number "without a bra on." Some of the top-heavier dancers groaned. But bras, Phalen pointed out, make everything more complicated. Rhinestones and lace don't often peacefully coexist, causing weird shapes and catches in the costumes. Plus, Phalen worried that if the dancers strip too enthusiastically, people in the front row might wind up with brassieres in their desserts. But you can't let the bra limply drop either—hooks tend to gravitate toward fishnets. "I've had to do half a dance with a bra hooked to the side of my leg," Phalen warned her crew...

What did they decide? Bras or no bras? Find out this weekend at the Triple Door...