Readers Abandoning News Sources: Thirty-one percent of Americans surveyed say they've left a news outlet because the coverage was worse than it used to be; 60.7 percent blamed "less complete" coverage and 23.5 percent cited "fewer stories."

What Do You Mean Worse Coverage? How about the Seattle Times getting a key fact wrong—on a story used as the prime reason to pay for their paper—and then begrudgingly issuing a half-correction.

Coming Soon to Theaters Near You: Based on a true story after "two Quebec inmates climbed up a rope into a hovering helicopter to make a daring daylight escape Sunday from a jail northwest of Montreal, authorities said."

The Man in Charge of Suing Seattle: Thomas Perez is being nominated to become Obama's next Secretary of Labor. As head of the US Department of Justice's civil rights division, Perez oversaw litigation and negotiations to reform Seattle's haplessly abusive police department.

Skyfall: A twin-engine Hawker Beachcraft crashed into three Indiana homes yesterday afternoon, killing two and injuring three.

A Death in Florida: Authorities says a Florida college student was found dead, an apparent suicide, in his dorm stocked with explosives.

Ignored ol' Painting: Turns out to be a Rembrandt self-portrait worth $30 million.

How Could this Go Wrong for the GOP? Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus conducted the “most comprehensive post-election review in the history of any national party” and found they need more Latino voters (that took a study?), and also there's a perfect place to sell their ideas...

The party also hoped to establish an “RNC Celebrity Task Force of personalities in the entertainment industry” and encourage candidates to speak to outlets like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show in an effort to reach younger voters.

I've Seen Some Hippie Shit Before: But this... it's time to let Rama "activate your DNA."