This just popped up in our inbox (emphasis mine):

Subject: Why can't I see the Space Needle?

Why indeed. Apparently because the mayor and city council are more concerned about developers desires than those of the citizens and visitors to this city of Seattle. Are they getting their palms greased? Perhaps. It sure seems that way. I was driving back from Portland this last Sunday. Seeing the Space Needle just made me feel like I am finally home again from that long drive known locally as the slog. The very idea that the city council and the mayor WANT to have bigger buildings is bad enough. I understand the need of commerce and expansion, but to do so with no concern whatsoever for the people of this region, not just Seattle, is just plain deplorable! Again, the people here get what they are given, not what they want. Or need for that matter. I feel very strongly their goal is just too much and the people need to speak out against the height and blockage of our icon that is the Space Needle. Other cities have spires, Las Vegas, Dallas and others. But NONE of them resemble the Space Needle. That was Bagley Wright’s goal. To create a place to see from afar and to visit up close that is uniquely Seattle. I can’t imagine how he would feel if he were alive today. He passed not so long ago. Perhaps the council and mayor were just waiting for his passing to pounce on this opportunity. I’m sure they’d have one hell of a fight if he were here today!


Rita Martinez
Seattle, WA

We assume she's referring to the Space Needle Corporation's recent campaign aimed at preventing new development in South Lake Union from blocking views of the Needle. But we'd like to point you, Rita, to a much more elegant solution than preventing development, which we reported on last week: "Build Additional Space Needles," the newest campaign to save your Space Needley views! Check out this rendering by KOMO News of our fair city with two dozen additional Space Needles—unforgettable! This is urban design at its best.

Meanwhile, as I was typing this, the Space Needle folks struck again, sending out a press release with the newest prong of their view-saving campaign: a one-minute radio ad. "Once our views are gone, we'll never get them back," it warns. Listen here!

UPDATE: Gold star comment of the day goes to MacCrocodile in the comments on this post:

Just yesterday, I went to the Space Needle with some friends from out of town. It was terrifying. I couldn't see the Space Needle from inside the gift shop. Of course I blacked out, and when I came to, I would have been completely disoriented except that I was outside and laying on the ground, looking up at the Space Needle.