What are you doing on Monday, April 1? Seattle's music lovers are driving to Olympia to dance on the steps of the Capitol Building in support of SB 5613— the bill that would repeal the Opportunity to Dance Tax (background on the tax here).

And they want you to join them:


Jazzercisers got out of paying this tax years ago after lobbying state officials for an exemption. Now nightlife advocates are hoping a fortified public display will pressure the Senate to attach this bill to the budget and exempt music venues as well.

"We want all styles of dance represented!" reads an email promoting the dance in. "All kinds of music will be played, including music generally heard in 'concert' venues, so that we can show that those who want to dance can dance to anything, anytime, anywhere."

If you enjoy our nightlife scene and don't appreciate having a bullshit 9.5 percent sales tax raise the cost of your ticket prices at Century Ballroom, Tractor Tavern, and other great Seattle venues that feature live music and/or dancing, now's the time to show your support. Here's the group's Facebook page.

The dance-in runs from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 1 on the Capitol Hill steps in Olympia.