Theater people can be as conservative and provincial as the Tea Party when it comes to defending the borders of what counts as "theater."

I know a couple of playwrights who argue that solo shows, such as Mike Daisey's or Jennifer Jasper's or Itai Erdal's don't count as theater. Perhaps they feel an existential threat—most solo shows make playwrights irrelevant.

And I know several people who argue that Satori Group's Microdramas don't count as theater. Microdramas definitely push at the borders of theater—as Satori Group becomes more skilled, they're getting more confident about pushing—but shouldn't those borders be porous?

From a profile of the Satori Group in the most recent A&P:

Sitting at his kitchen table, in the apartment he shares with company members Quinn Franzen and Monty Taylor, Alex Matthews says if any other company asked him to be part of a project like Winky or reWilding or Microdramas, he would probably say no. "It would sound crazy," he says. "When Spike [Friedman] and Quinn explained Microdramas, it was like: Is there a story? 'No.' So what will happen? 'We'll drag people through plastic.' Holy shit! But I can get right behind them. We speak each other's language, and now we know how to help each other make a singular vision."

Tomorrow, on March 23, you can experience the "singular vision" firsthand. In this year's regrets issue, Jen Graves regretted that you—yes, you—had not yet experienced a Microdrama. Remedy that this weekend.

And more about Microdramas from the Satori website:

What is a Microdrama? A 5 minute experience for a single audience member. There are three of them. Sometimes they are set up to be consumed individually. Sometimes they are set up to be consumed as a whole.

Is a Microdrama a play? No.

What are Microdramas about? Unfortunately, there isn’t a satisfying way to answer this question.

Can I go in with another person? No. They are experiences for a single audience member.

But I came with a friend. Your friend can go in after you.

Is this safe? Yes. That said, one of the three Microdramas has a physical element to it, and is not recommended for those with serious health concerns.

Tickets are only nine clams.