Of Seattle, By Seattle, For Seattle: Should the city demand that construction companies only hire local workers? And should we get over ourselves and embrace growth?

Footloose Meets the Boston Tea Party: On April 1st, nightclubs are staging a dance-in on the steps of the Capitol Building to protest the dance tax.

Because You Don't Want a Sick Waiter: Why restaurant workers deserve health care like everyone else.

Speaking of Health Care: A Gig Harbor hospital called the cops on a patient because he was carrying a (totally legal) amount of weed.

How About You Stop Raping People, Rapists? Did you read Megan Seling's post about the Stubenville rapists? You should.

Dog Bites Man: Seattle Times makes an error, can't really admit that they made an error.

Let's Roll Out the Welcome Wagon: Someone just moved to town and he wants to complain about how we do everything. Also, a Seattleite wonders "why can't I see the Space Needle?"

The Republicans Had a Stupid-Off and Everyone Won: Last weekend was packed with racism and Sarah Palin and Rand Paul.

A Confederacy of Bounces: Who said it: Ignatius Reilly or Gwyneth Paltrow?

A Wonderful Discussion About Cloris Leachman's Stage-Two Syphilis: Slog's inaugural Netflix Streaming Movie Club discussed Someone I Touched. On Monday, we will discuss The Imposter, but for right now, please enjoy this highlight reel of Someone I Touched.