Edward Champion is going to walk from coast to coast and make an audio documentary of his travels:

On May 15, 2013, I aim to walk 3,000 miles across America over the course of approximately six months, starting in Brooklyn and ending in San Francisco. I plan to talk with many people along the way, asking them about their lives and writing dispatches as I make my way from town to town.

I'll be walking fifteen to twenty miles a day and pitching my tent where I can, going out of my way to visit many overlooked towns. And after I finish this cross-country journey, I will edit these conversations into a far-reaching multipart radio narrative spanning twelve states.

He's posting his route and trial walks on a blog made just for the occasion. But he needs to raise a lot of money for this, so he's started an IndieGoGo campaign for the project. Champion does great work with audio interviews, and I think this project could really be something special. If you have any small amount to give, you should dump it in his fund-hole.