Remember last year, when Republican Maureen Walsh became a national hero for her key vote and heartfelt speech in favor of gay marriage?

This year in Olympia, Walsh faced another defining moment, this one on gun control. At first, Walsh made the courageous choice, deciding she would support closing Washington State's dangerous gun show loophole. Then, faced with pushback from the NRA, Walsh lost her courage.

After the NRA leafleted her district, flooding her with 1,000 calls and emails, Walsh changed her position to “no.” So ended the bill’s momentum.

Also missing in Olympia this year is the plainspoken eloquence Walsh displayed during the gay marriage debate. She's now hiding behind this tortured statement on guns:

I have really come to realize that no legislation will ever address the criminal element as far as guns are concerned.


If you missed it, as I did, you really need to read Danny Westneat debunking Walsh's so-called rationale.