Come on, internet. Just when you were giving me such funny pictures of crying children and articles about ravenous vaginas the last few days, you gotta go be stupid again.

Ever read/like/repost things from the Facebook page I Fucking Love Science? It's highly likely you have, since the page has 4.2 million "Likes" and posts smart, interesting, funny science facts and stories multiple times a day, in easy-to-digest meme-style images that get shared thousands of times apiece. They show up in my feed all the time.

Well, this week, the admin of the page, Elise Andrew, posted a link to her brand-new Twitter feed. If you didn't just LOSE YOUR MIND when you noticed that's a female first name, congratulations! You win the internet today. Thousands of commenters on her page, however, appear to have nearly died with shock. A woman?!? Who likes science?!? Also: She appears to be young and pretty. OH, SHIT.

From the Guardian (she's a Brit):

The post provoked an onslaught of comments discussing her gender and looks. " me! This is a babe ?!!" wrote commenter Can Durace. "holy hell, youre a HOTTIE!" wrote Douglas Pistone Linares.

Lou Forbes said: "you mean you're a girl, AND you're beautiful? wow, i just liked science a lil bit more today ^^"

When she reposted that Guardian story on Twitter, it went like this:

@Elise_Andrew: A Guardian blogger wrote about all the sexist comments I got on my post earlier, check it out.

@charlespratt: @Elise_Andrew A lot of those comments were just compliments. I mean you are an attractive woman. Doesn't make it sexist, dear.

Good lord, jerks. This shit is tiring. But Andrew seems wonderful. A recent tweet: "Bored of the whole sexism thing. For the rest of the day I will only be tweeting photos of nudibranchs."