Attention, movie lovers: In just under 24 hours, we will commence discussion of the second installment of the Slog Netflix Streaming Movie Club: The Imposter, the deeply intriguing 2011 documentary about an insane real-life mystery involving a 13-year-old boy who vanishes in Texas and shows up three years later in Spain, looking different and speaking with an accent. It's an amazing story, one that blew minds at last year's Seattle International Film Festival and was previously the subject of an essay in The New Yorker. What makes the documentary special (besides the amazing source material): Unlike in The New Yorker, we get to see the faces of the central characters, which is crucial to the mind-fuckery.

You can watch The Imposter anytime you want on Netflix Streaming, and we will be discussing it here on Slog tomorrow at 11 am PST.