Strange how you don't hear much in the news about mass stabbings:

Authorities say a confrontation stemming from an earlier altercation led a man to stab three people inside a Target store in Pittsburgh, including a 16-year-old girl who was seriously injured.

Horrible as her injuries may be, early reports are that the girl is expected to survive. Which highlights one of the big differences between stabbings and shootings: Knives are considerably less efficient killing tools.

No doubt a skilled a swordsman could quickly spill an awful lot of blood in a crowded Target store—Mongol warriors, for example, earned a fearsome reputation for efficient mass slaughter. But armed with a gun, any schmo can... well... in the lyrics of Stephen Sondheim:

And all you have to do
Is squeeze your little finger.
Ease your little finger back-
You can change the world.

Whatever else is true,
You trust your little finger.
Just a single little finger
Can change the world.