Last night, an uncountable number of people crammed into a small Capitol Hill apartment to look at art inspired by Heather Christle's The Trees The Trees and enjoy a reading by Christle in response to the work inspired by her work. (Christle will also be reading at another APRIL event tomorrow night, and you should not miss it.) It was a hot, sweaty, beer-smelling party, and it was absolutely the kind of event that the APRIL Festival does best: Bringing literature into unusual locations and smashing interesting things together to see what happens.

Tonight, there are two APRIL events you should know about. The first is a reading at the Comet, which is Capitol Hill's bar-smellingest bar. The readers include Calvin Pierce and David Frederick Thomas, but the headliner is Maged Zaher. I reviewed Zaher's new book, Thank You for the Window Office, in this week's paper, and it's really something special. That reading is free, and it starts at 5:30 pm.

Then, at the Sorrento, APRIL is hosting "A Poet, A Playwright, A Novelist and a Drag Queen," a competitive storytelling event. The poet is Elissa Ball, a spoken word performer with a confessional, punky sensibility. The playwright is Neil Ferron, author of Fabulous Prizes, which Brendan Kiley loved. Peter Mountford, author of A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism, is the novelist. Which means Cherdonna is your drag queen. This event is $7 (cash) and it begins at 8 pm.

For more of tonight's book events—Demetri Martin! A circus event in Columbia City! A book about militias!—visit the readings calendar.