After the abysmal box office of Atlas Shrugged, Part 2 made the abysmal box office of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 look huge in comparison, I feared that there would be no third movie to complete the adaptation of Ayn Rand's teabagnum opus. The third Atlas Shrugged movie could potentially be the worst movie of all time. It has lots of sci-fi elements—Galt's Gulch is supposed to look otherworldly, like a future city out of a pulp novel—and it features one of the longest monologues in popular literature, a 70-page description of Objectivism that most hardcore Rand fans consider to be central to the novel. I was worried I'd never get to see this interpretation of Atlas Shrugged come wheezing to its natural close. But I must've been a good boy this year, because Santa came early:

Despite the failure of Atlas Shrugged Part 1 and Atlas Shrugged Part 2, which took in a combined $8 million at the domestic box office, producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow have greenlit the third installment of their trilogy, the pair said Tuesday.

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 will be written by Duncan Scott and Brian O'Toole, and no director or major cast member is yet attached.

I feel a real sense of relief knowing that this whole ordeal will be over soon.